Rest In Peace Master Alexander Lim Co – April 12th, 2016

Alexander Lim Co

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Alexander Lim Co is a living treasure in the arts of Chinese kung-fu. In fact, no name is more synonymous with Kung-Fu in the Philippines than Alexander Co. He spearheaded the Chin Wu Club in Manila, wrote the first kung-fu book ever published in the Philippines, and published the country’s first martial arts magazine, simply titled “Martial Arts Magazine.” Co has studied a dozen different kung-fu styles, was an “in-door” disciple of Ngo Cho Kun’s late grandmaster Tan Ka Hong, and has studied Seven Star Praying Mantis and Hung-gar under Grandmaster Shakespeare Chan, Wu style Tai Chi Chuan under the late Master John Hu Chuan Hai, and Hsin-I Liu Ha Pa Fa under Master David Chan.

Alexander Co is the Advising Grandmaster of The International Beng Hong Athletic Association. He has served as Chairman of the Philippine-Chinese Beng Kiam Athletic Association and the Tsing Hua Ngo Cho Kung-fu Center and as Vice-chairman of the Hsin-I Society of Internal Arts. In addition to dozens of articles featured in such magazines as Martial Arts Magazine, Rapid Journal, Inside Kung-Fu, Martial Arts Illustrated, and Martial Arts Legends. Grandmaster Co has written three books: Secrets of Seven Star Praying Mantis, The Way of Ngo Cho Kun and Five Ancestor Fist Kung-Fu, and is translator of The Bible of Ngo Cho Kun. He also filmed a series of instructional videos “The Essence of Ngo Cho Kun” and “The Essence of Seven Star Praying Mantis” for Unique Publications Video.



Ronnie Ricketts

I was saddened to hear of the passing of a good friend and a great master, Alex Co . He was an amazing influence in the lives of our Bakbakan brothers. Our sincerest condolences to the family and may you rest in peace, Master Alex!


‎Lance Velez‎

The loss of Master Alex is a loss to the world of martial arts. He knew so much and shared his knowledge with those who showed Interest, with no reservation , he was a true master of his art and I am sad that I wasn’t able to spend more time with him… It hurts that I no longer have his counsel and insight when I have questions the thought that we will no longer have our conversations is heartbreaking. I will do my best to maintain and master what you taught me so in my own small way I can preserve the art of Ngo Cho … Rest in peace Master Alex … I will miss you …


Mark Wiley‎ 

It is with a heavy heart that I mourn the passing of one of my best friends, big brother and kung-fu master, Sifu Alex Co. He passed at 10:34 PM Manila time, April 12, 2016. His kind and loving heart and openness in sharing his passion for all martial arts with all people was unmatched. He is one of the legends of the Philippine martial arts masters, who brought all together from every discipline.

He suffered much these past years with heart troubles, kidney failure, diabetes, digital amputation… But his drive to keep documenting and spreading the arts he loved was unstoppable.

My son, Alex, is named in his honor and forever I will treasure his memory in my heart.

 It is with a heavy heart that I mourn your passing, Sifu Alex, you are one of my best friends, big brother, father and kung-fu master. Our long relationship is deeply embedded in my heart and I am struggling with not being able to call you and talk or come for a visit. You are among the most important people in my life and I can’t imagine my future without you here.

Rest in peace.






Doran Sordo

Master Alex Co was an exceptional human being. He was one of the best friends of my master, Christopher Ricketts. He was very strict when he would be teaching us. Always keen on the details. It was because of Master Topher that I met, got to know, and learned extensively from Master Alex. He was so selfless in his teaching. Breaking from the norm, because of his friendship and trust for Master Topher and the students he would bring by. He was such a kind man. Soft spoken and yet, powerful. I will miss him greatly. He was a cornerstone to our Bakbakan Brotherhood. On one of the last conversations I had with Master Topher, he told me to never stop learning. He mentioned only two people. Master Alex was one of them. Rest in peace, Master. Thank you so much for teaching me. I will never forget it, or you. Paalam Po.


Jun Nunez

This picture was taken by Grandmaster Topher Rickets of Bakbakan. With me is Grandmaster Edgar Sulite of Lameco Escrima, Master HuTuan Hai of Wu Tai Chi Chuan, and Master Alex Co of Ngo Cho Kun. It’s sad to know that I am the only one left with the passing of my friend Alex. Goodbye my friend


Felipe P. Jocano Jr.

With deep sorrow, I mourn the passing of my kung-fu teacher and friend, Sifu Alexander He was one of the kindest, most generous and caring men I have had the privilege of meeting and learning from. He not only taught martial arts, he was also an example of the true martial arts master, capable of wielding tremendous power, and at the same time, remaining kind, gentle and humble. Such was his character that he was friends with and was highly respected by, everyone within the Philippine martial arts community. 

I miss you po, sir. You were always kind, generous and constantly encouraging to me, the least of your students. You showed me that true kung-fu was not only physical ability but also the development of character. I will always treasure everything you taught me.

I have previously posted this picture below. This is of me and Mark Wiley with Sifu Alex at Sifu’s house in Mandaluyong. Taken last year.









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