FMA Informative 6th Year Anniversary Issue kali arnis eskrima fma 2017-12-27

FMA Informative 6th Year Anniversary Issue   Download the 6th Anniversary Issue here:     The FMAdigest was established in 2004. The mission of the FMAdigest was for the promotion of the Filipino martial arts and the Philippine Culture. The FMAdigest had various issues throughout 2004 through 2010. It published 43 Special Issues (which were for information that would continuously happen), 75 Special Editions (which were a one-time issue on a particular subject), 22 Mini Issues (which were events that had enough material to become an issue or too large for the FMAdigest quarterly issue), 7 Recognition Issues (which came out at the end of the year recognizing individuals, organizations for their dedication and promulgation of the Filipino martial arts), and finally 5 Christmas Issues (which came out just before Christmas – This was done the last 5 years of the FMAdigest). The FMA Informative started on December 1, 2010 with its first issue “Will Total Unity in the Filipino Martial Arts Ever Be A Reality?” and on January 1, 2011 the first FMA Informative newspaper came out. Well this is the 6th Anniversary of the FMA Informative yes six years in trying to promulgate and promote the Filipino Martial Arts and the Philippines Culture. Six years of FMA Informative issues which came out when material was available, so in six years there where 312 weeks, and the FMA Informative was able to publish 261 issues. The FMA Informative issue which is an online magazine, the issues are designed to speak about one subject, whether a basic concept of a style, philosophy, techniques, a cultural aspect of the Philippines etc. The submitted material must be at least 10 page minimum, but can be as long as desired. It is hoped all have enjoyed the FMA Informative Issues. Please pass the word so more practitioners, and non-practitioners can join in on sharing their knowledge, aspects, and experience. The FMA Informative is a non-profit online magazine; we do not solicit, expect or want donations, just material to share with others. The FMA Informative Staff is dedicated to the Propagating of the Filipino martial arts and the Culture of the Philippines. It must be remembered that the FMA Informative is what you make it, if nothing received, and then nothing can be given. Be one that shares. … [Read more...]

Guro Bud Balani of Kapisanang Mandirigma Remembers Master Wilson Vinas of Lapu Lapu Viñas Arnis


Guro Bud Balani Remembers Master Wilson Vinas of Lapu Lapu Viñas Arnis   Master Wilson Vinas May 29, 1945 to Nov 10, 2017       In Remembrance of Grandmaster Wilson 'Nonong' Viñas of Viñas Lapu Lapu Arnis Affecionados, whom I first met in Bacolod city, Philippines @ Y2K REST IN PEACE   Signage above the entrance of the Original Viñas Lapu Lapu Arnis Gym on Lacson street @ Bacolod City. GM Jose Viñas founded his organization in 1932, which made it the oldest arnis organization in Negros Occidental, Philippines   My visit with Master Nonong @ his Residence / Gym Bacolod city 2000 Meeting for first time in 15 years LAX 2015   Welcoming Master Nonong on his arrival to the US with Master Joe Tan, who is an original student of Master Nonong's father, Grandmaster Jose Viñas, who founded the Viñas Lapu Lapu Arnis Affecionados in Bacolod city in 1932, which was the oldest Arnis organization in Negros Occidental, Philippines LAX 2015   Master Viñas was kind enough to share some of his vast knowledge to a group at the Aranda-Ricketts Memorial FMA Gym in Glendale during his visit to California in 2015. Master Vinas first ever Public Seminar. Mandirigma was honored to sponsor this historic event. ( ) GM Nonato 'Nene' Gaabucayan of NNG Balintawak came to welcome Nonong on his visit, as well as Guro Dino Florence, of Lameco SOG / Kali Ilustrisimo, who was also one of the sponsors of this rare event. Master Joe Tan, had driver duty, as he was an original student of Master Nonong's father, the late great, GM Jose Viñas, founder of Viñas Lapu Lapu Arnis Affecionados of Bacolod city, Philippines … [Read more...]