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Seminar: Don’t Bring a Gun to a Knife Fight! with Guro Ariel Flores Mosses. Green Valley Range indoor shooting range in Las Vegas, Nevada. July 18th, 2015.

Ariel Seminar

    Coming this Summer...   Seminar: Don't Bring a Gun to a Knife Fight! with Guro Ariel Flores Mosses.  Green Valley Range indoor shooting range in Las Vegas, Nevada. July 18th, 2015. Sometimes you don't have the option to draw and fire on an attacker, so you have to put on your Jason Bourne goggles. Start to see common household items as lethal weapons. Learn to defend yourself with a magazines, pens, Swiffers®, a wooden leg...whatever happens to be within your grasp when danger strikes! Don't Bring a Gun to a Knife Fight! is a 2-hour close-quarters defense class that will have you honing your instincts, boosting your confidence and upping your hand even without drawing your gun. With Master Ariel F. Mosses of CombatFMA as your guide, you will apply the old adage "Necessity is the Mother of jamming a rolled up Newsweek into an No-Goodnik's eye," and discover some new truths of your own by wielding objects both blunt and pointy. Yes, this Saturday, July 18th, you can learn to fight like Jason Bourne. Go check out his pen fight and his magazine fight scenes on Youtube [too graphic for a link here], and then get over and Register Now . Spaces are limited! See you still standing when the smoke clears! Copyright © 2015 Green Valley Range, All rights reserved. Green Valley Range indoor shooting range in Las Vegas, Nevada Our mailing address is: Green Valley Range 175 Cassia Way, Henderson, NV Henderson, NV 89014   More info @   More about Guro Ariel at: … [Read more...]

Seminar: Guro Brandon Ricketts at Glendale FMA / Aranda – Ricketts Memorial Gym. July 12, 2015.

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Guro Brandon Ricketts Seminar at Glendale FMA / Aranda - Ricketts Memorial Gym. On July 12 2015 Guro Brandon Ricketts conducted a seminar at Glendale FMA / Aranda - Ricketts Memorial Gym. The Event was hosted by Guro Bud Balani and Guro Dino Flores of the Los Angeles chapters of Lameco SOG, Kali Ilustrisimo and Kapisanang Mandirigma. Attendees came from all over California from places such as San Diego, Santa Barbara, Stockton and San Francisco. Guro Brandon was also supported by some of his students from the USA Headquarters of Kali Ilustrisimo. Guro Brandon Ricketts focused of the fundemental core techniques and how they relate to real time sparring. A concept his father the late Grandmaster Christopher Ricketts drilled into his dedicated students. The seminar concluded with the participant doing some light sparring to test some of the techniques they had just learned in real time. All the participants had a great time with this truly hands on approach to the art. Guro Brandon is leaving for the Philippines at the end of the year. One of his objectives is to take partial administrative charge of his fathers Bakbakan Legacy and bring it into the next generation. The Los Angeles chapters of Lameco SOG, Kali Ilustrisimo and Kapisanang Mandirigma will try to host Guro Brandon Ricketts again for another seminar before he leaves. Check the website for updates. About Guro Brandon Ricketts In 2011 Guro Bruce Ricketts was formally selected as the new Chief Instructor of Master Christopher Ricketts Ilustrisimo Organization and Bakbakan Philippines. The official ceremony was held  in Manila, Philippines. During the same ceremony Guro Brandon Ricketts was promoted to the the position as Second in Command to Guro Bruce Ricketts. Also selected was the Administrative Board which includes Guro Ronnie Ricketts, Guro Alex Ricketts and Guro Jason Ricketts. The organization is dedicated to maintaining the legacy of Grandmaster Christopher Ricketts. The Advisory Board was also selected. Guro Bruce Ricketts and Guro Brandon Ricketts trained under their Father, Grandmaster Christopher Ricketts since they could walk. The training room in their Philippine home was located in front of their bedroom. Daily exposure to the arts was the norm. Besides daily training with their Father and other students, many masters spent time training in their home. To name a few, legends such as Master Roland Dantes, Master Rey Galang, Master Yuli Romo, Punong Guro Edgar Sulite, Master Tony Diego and none other than Grandmaster Ilustrisimo himself would train there. The technical and fighting skill of these young Guro’s clearly reflect their esteemed lineage. Guro Bruce and Guro Brandon are also accomplished practitioners of Bakbakan Sagasa Kickboxing, Ngo Cho Kun, Jiu-Jitsu and Boxing.   Event Flyer Aranda - Ricketts / Glendale FMA Gym Banner         Lameco SOG Members with Guro Brandon. Guro Bud Balani, Guro Dino and Guro Bryan Emerson with his son.   Events Hosts with Guro Brandon. Guro Dino, GM Joe Tan, Guro Johnathan Balani, Guro Bud Balani.   Guro Brandon giving pointers.   Sparring! Sparring!     Sparring! Group photo with some of the participants.   Sparring!   Guro Brandon giving pointers   Participants in action.   Participants in action.   Guro Brandon giving pointers.   Guro Johnathan giving pointers.   Contact drilling. Contact drilling. … [Read more...]