BOOK: Through The Philippines (and Hawaii), 1925-1926, by Frank G. Carpenter – Litt. D., F.R.G.S.

Title: Through The Philippines (and Hawaii)
Date: 1925-1926
Author: Frank G. Carpenter – Litt. D., F.R.G.S.

A wonderful old book richly illustrated with 112 RARE high quality vintage photographs taken in the early 1900′s ! You will take a journey with the author Frank G. Carpenter and view many historical, cultural, and incredible photographs of a time forgotten. Writing about his travels in the series “Carpenter’s World Travels”, Frank G. Carpenter gave his readers detailed stories and fascinating information about the local history, myths, and facts of the countries he visited so that every American could get a glimpse, first hand of the worlds beyond our shores.

This book is mainly about the Philippines, but it also has a section about Hawaii.



Just a word before we start
From Athens to Manila
The Philippine capital, old and new
In the Tondo market
The fair Filipina
Going to school in Manila
Tobacco fields and factories
Through Northern Luzon by rail
Our heathen wards
Camp John Hayand the Igorots
The Benguet gold mines
The School Republic of Munoz
Homesteading in the Philippines
By ponyback through the forest
The rice terraces of Ifugaoland
Where Magellan raised the flag of Spain
Coconut farms
The world’s biggest leper colony
On the Sugar Island of Negros
In Zamboanga, capital of Moroland
Basilan, our new Rubber Island
Motoring across Jolo
The Sultan of Sulu
Davao, land of Manilla hemp
The Bagobos and their neighbours
The business man of the Philippines
The question of independence
Hawaii, at the crossroads of the Pacific
Our sugar and pineapple islands
List of photographs

Scene in Zamboanga
Riding in a chair through the mountains
Mt. Taal
San Juan Bridge
The waterways of Manila
The Luneta
Business section of Manila
The Parian Gate
The walls of old Manila
Residence of the Governor-General
A Philippine stove
Hauling coconut husks
Market day in Manila
The papaya
A Filipina in business
A fair Filipina
Hat-making for export
Girls’ baseball team.
Weaving by hand
The high school at Batangas
Learning the English language
Exercising on the playgrounds
Growing vegetables in a school garden
A Philippine star baseball player
A Philippine cigarette-maker
Tobacco growing
Bringing in the rice
Rice planting
Pounding out the grain.
Lingayen Gulf
The Benguet Road
Philippine caddies
Going to market on Sunday
Mountain road of Luzon
Igorot porter
Igorot girls learning to sew
Camp John Hay
Ilongot head-hunters
A family of Apayaos
An Igorot miner
The Benguet gold mine
Studying mining methods in the wilds of Luzon
“Poor man’s rice”
Farming at Munoz
Ploughing with the carabao
Student’s house at Munoz
I gorot road-workers
Carabaos taking a bath
Homesteaders on the move
Threshing rice with carabaos
A motor truck in the wilds of Mountain Province
A Philippine forest
Hauling logs
Rice terraces of the Ifugaos
An Ifugao home
Ifugao types
Where Magellan heard mass at Cebu
A solid wheeled cart of Cebu
A fishing boat
Eating coconuts
Coconut rafts
A copra pack train
Drying coconuts
Leper colony on Culion Island
Penal farm at San Ramon
Bilibid prisoners at work
Meal-time at the prison
A Shakespearean play at Silliman Institute
Primitive sugar mill
Cutting sugar cane
American tractors in the Philippines
Cock fighting
Port at Zamboanga
Moro girls studying the Koran
A Mindanao policeman.
A Moro chieftain’s daughter
Mr. Carpenter interviews a Moro
Tapping a rubber tree
Rubber gatherers of Basilan
A sheet of crepe rubber
Jolo, the capital of the Sulu Archipelago
A Bajao woman climbing to her home
Moro dattos
Bamboo water tube
The Sultan of Sulu
Pearl fisherman of the Sulu Sea
Manila hemp
Stripping the hemp
Drying the abaca fibre
Bagobo man wearing a grass jacket
A house in the tree-tops
A Chinese schoolhouse
The Chinese pier at Jolo
Manila’s Chinatown
The port at Manila
The Executive Building in Manila
A session of the Philippine Legislature
Where the Philippine laws are made
Army and Navy Club at Manila
A Filipino school boy
Rugged shores of the Hawaiian Islands
Waikiki Beach
Pineapple fields
Sugar-cane flumes
Laying paper mulch for pineapples
Scene on the island of Oahu
Mt. Kilauea


A sampling of the author’s writing…

To-night I have been sitting in the Luneta, the great breathing place for Manila. As the sun dropped behind Mount Mariveles, the headland at the north entrance to Manila Bay, the sky flamed with a gorgeous colour. Gentle breezes from the ocean swept over the park and the lapping of the waves mingled with the murmur of talk or gave way before the stirring music of the military band. All Manila was out in full force, strolling about, chatting between numbers, sitting on benches or in cars and carriages. I have seldom seen so many motors parked at any Marine Band concert in Washington and 1 know that no ordinary occasion in our national capital would bring out such a crowd.

Among the throng were a few American soldiers, and now and then I picked out an American civilian. But I should say that there were not altogether more than a hundred or two of my fellow countrymen, whereas there were thousands of Filipinos. They were a well-dressed lot. Most of the men wore shoes and suits of white and smart straw or Panama hats. The women and girls were of all ages, from small tots to kindly faced old ladies whose skinny arms showed plainly through the big pina cloth sleeves of the national costume. I noticed that, while most of the girls were dressed like our own young women of the States, their cheeks were not painted andtheir hair was not bobbed or frizzed , but was generally worn in a thick , shining black braid down the back.



Biography of Frank George Carpenter…

Carpenter, Frank George, Litt. D., F.R.G.S. Journalist and author. Born in Mansfield, Ohio, 1855. Graduate Wooster University, 1877. Began newspaper work as legislative correspondent for the “Cleveland Leader” in 1879. In 1881, he undertook a series of travels which embraced a period of nearly 30 years, during which he visited all parts of the world and from which he sent numerous articles to newspapers and magazines.











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