BOOK: The Hawaiian Islands, Manila and The Edge Of China by Burton Holmes, 1901

Burton Holmes Lectures

Hawaiian Islands

Edge Of China


Old Antique Travelogue With Over 350 Photographs !

Subjects covered in this book

Advertisements Chinese native runners at Hong Kong, Aguinaldo General military operations, Ah Cum Canton guide, Ah Fong Chinese Croesus, Hawaiian home, Macao residence, Ah Kee Incident on the Esmeralda, Ancestor Worship China, Ancestral Temples China, Aqueducts Hawaii, Bacoor Bay battle in distance, Baliuag military operations, Aguinaldo, American garrison, Church used by American soldiers, Distress signals, Exhibition of defense manoeuvers, Military rule, Page Colonel in command, Telegraph wires cut, Bank of Hongkong, Banquets U S troops in Honolulu, Barbara Fritchie uptodate incident on the Esmeralda, Barges used as houseboats Canton, Barracks, Baliuag church used by American soldiers, Manila theater, Bathing American troops at Honolulu, Beer American Manila, BetelNuts chewing China, Betting See Gambling, Binondo commercial district of Manila, Bluffs Hawaiian coast, Boats, Canton, Filipino bote, Surfriding at Waikiki, Bridge over Pasig river, Brumby FlagLieut U S S, Olympia at Hongkong, Bubonic Plague Hongkong, Buffalo in Manila, Business in Honolulu, Cabs Manila, Cafe de Paris Manila, Caldwell secretary to Admiral, Dewey, Calesa Filipino cart, Calle Nozaleda Manila, Camoens Luiz de, Caneflumes Hawaii, Cane See Sugarcane, Canton, Ah Cum guide, Arrival of travellers, Boats, Clocks, Commercial gateway to south China, Consul visit to U S, Dentists, Descriptions manners and customs, Emigration to United States, Execution place of, French cathedral, Gates of city closing, Hongkong to Canton journey, Hotel Victoria, Kerosene lamps, Literary refuse, Pawn shops, Photography difficulties, Port of Canton See Hongkong, Provincial mint, River front, River steamer from Macao, Sanitary conditions, Shameen foreign quarter, Shops, Streets, Care of, Life in, Signs and names, Temple of the emperor, Viceroy Yeh, Water dwellers on, Carabao, Carriage Filipino calesa, Cataracts Hawaii, Cathedrals, Canton French cathedral, Manila, Cavite scene of naval battle, Chairs bamboo, China, Ability of the Chinese, Ah Fong, Ambition of every Chinese boy, Ancestor worship, Betelnuts chewing, Canton See that title, Coolie labor, Commerce British, Consuls See that title, Currency, Day length and divisions, Dinner parties, Disembarkation methods, Education, Emigration from China to U S, Emperor temple of, First impressions, Food, Funeral rites and care of dead, Gods, Hawaiian Islands Chinese population, Heung Shan Island, Hongkong, Hotels Canton, Jinrikishas Honkong, Journey to, Kowloon shipyards, Li Hung Chang, Macao See that title, Money, Officials preliminary education, Paper with writing preservation of, Pawn shops Canton, Photography experiences, Canton, Dewey Admiral at Hongkong, Pigs sacred, Progress opposition to, Religion, Rivercraft, Sampans, Scholarship, Steerage passengers Chinese, Temples ancestral, Time measurement, Women, Churches, Baliuag used by American soldiers, Macao San Paulo, Manila San Sebastian, Clocks Chinese, Cockfights Manila prohibited by American government, Coffee in Hawaii, Commerce Hongkong, Consuls visits to United States, Smith Hub at Canton, Wildman R at Hongkong, Cook Captain in Hawaii, Coolies Chinese, Coral Reef Pearl Harbor, Corregidor Manila Bay, Cortes Brothers, Curfew law in Manila, Dagupan railway Philippines, Damien Father of Mobkai, Dampness Hongkong, Day length and division in China, Dead care of China, Deities Chinese, Dentists Canton, Dewey Admiral at Hongkong, Diamond Head Honolulu view of, Dinner Party Chinese, Dress, Hawaiian women’s holokus, Hongkong white suits, Dutch Wife Manila hotel, Education China, Emigrants from China, Empress of China voyage to China, Escolta Manila, Esmeralda voyage to Manila, Arrival at Manila, Bacoor Bay, Barbara Fritchie incident, Cavite, Corregidor, Heat, Humidity, Manila Bay, Quarantine, Rain, Sleeping places, Traveling companion, Execution place of Canton, Father Damien of Molokai, Father of Annexation Dr McGrew of Pearl Harbor, Ferries Manila, Filipinos See Philippines; Manila, Fire Brigade Manila, Fire Drill on Empress of China, Fire Goddess Pele, Flag Hawaiian, Flameflowers Honolulu bowers, Flowers, Flameflowers, Leis, Flowerboats as restaurants Canton, Food, Chinese, Hawaiian, Friars Spanish at Manila, Funerals Chinese, Garlands Hawaiian leis, Gates Canton closing, Gods Chinese, Government Building Honolulu, Griffin Far Eastern word for tenderfoot, Guide Ah Cumin Canton, Gulches Hawaiian, Haleakala Hawaiian volcanic crater, Harbor Pearl Hawaiian, Hawaii island of, Bluffs, Coffeeland, Hilo, Kealakekua Bay monument to Capt Cook, Kilauea volcano, Mauna Kea mountain, Mauna Loa, Ports, Hawaiian Islands, American soldiers, Annexation to U, Coffee plantations, Cook Captain, First impressions of, Flag description, Hawaii island of, Hilo, Holokus women’s dress, Homes characteristic Hawaiian, Honolulu See that title, Hospitality, Hotels, Population, Ports on eastern coast, Progress since, Prosperity of natives, Volcanoes, Heat, Esmeralda Hongkong to Manila, Hongkong, Manila, Heung Shan island, Hilo, Descent from Kilauea to Hilo, Ferns and other foliage, Hotel, Lava flow, Rain, Sunset, Waterfalls, Hobson Lieut at Hongkong, Holokus Hawaiian women’s dress, Homes, Hawaiian, Manila, Homesickness in Manila, Hongkong, Arrival of travelers, Bank, Boy servant indispensable, Brumby FlagLieut, Club, Dampness, Dewey Admiral, England’s rule, Griffin, Harbor, Heat, History since, Hobson Lieut, Hotels, Jinrikishas, Journey to, Olympia Dewey’s flagship, Peak, Plague, Police, Praya Reclamation, Public works, Punkas, Smell, Tiffin, Tramway, Victoria city of, Water front, Honolulu, American soldiers, Business world, Diamond Head view of, Flowers, Government building view from, Homes, Hotel, Iolani Palace, Palmtrees, Punchbowl, Sodawater American, Troops en route to Manila, Views of, Waikiki See that title, Hospitality Hawaiian, Hotels, Hawaiian, Hongkong, Manila, Humidity effect on travelers, Ice scarcity in Manila, Ice Cream Soda Manila, Ieie Hawaiian vines, Insects Manila, Iolani palace Honolulu, Jinrikishas Honkong, Jusi Filipino cloth, Kaiulani princess of Hawaii, Kamehameha king of Hawaii, Kapiolani Hawaiian convert to Christianity, Kealakekua Bay monument to Captain Cook, Kerosene Lamps Canton, Kilauea Hawaiian volcano, Kowloon shipyards, Lamps kerosene in Canton, Lanai feature of Hawaiian homes, Lava from Mauna Loa, Leis Hawaiian, Lepers on Molokai, Luau native Hawaiian feast, Luneta Manila promenade, Macao, Ah Fong residence, Camoens Luiz de, Coolie traffic, Lighthouse, Piracy and gambling, Praya Grande, San Paulo church, Steamer to Canton, McGrew Dr of Pearl Harbor, Manila, Arrival at, Beer American, Binondo, Boat Filipino, Cabdrivers, Cafe de Paris, Calesa, Calle Nozaleda, Carabao, Cathedral, Curfew law, Escolta, Ferries, Fire brigade, Friars Spanish, Home life, Homesickness of foreigners, Hotel, Ice, Insects, Luneta boulevard, Moats, Monasteries, Old Manila, Otis General, Palace government building, Pasig River, Polishing floors method, Railway Dagupan, San Roque, San Sebastian church, Sentries day and night, Servants, Sodawater, SpanishAmerican War See that title, Theaters, Tiffin club, Tramcars, Victory at Manila Bay, Walled City, Manila Bay, Maui island, MaunaKea, Altitude, View from Haleakala, Waterfalls, Mauna Loa, Lava flow, Views of, Mint Canton, Moana voyage to Honolulu, Moats Manila, Molokai leper island, Money Chinese, Monks Spanish friars at Manila, Motion Photography, Navy American squadron at Bacoor Bay, Nuunanu Valley Hawaii, Ohia trees Hawaii, Old Manila, Olympia, Band, In Hongkong harbor, Oriente Hotel de Manila, Otis General at Manila, Page Colonel in command at Baliuag, Palace of the Sun Haleakala, Palaces, Jolani palace Honolulu, Manila, Pali precipice in Hawaii, Palms Honolulu, Pasig River Manila, Pawn shops Canton, Peak the Hongkong, Pearl Harbor Hawaiian Islands, Pele Hawaiian fire goddess, Philippines, Accessibility to travelers in, Aguinaldo native general, Baliuag, Barracks, Calesa Filipino cart, Carabao, Cavite, Friars Spanish, Hotels Manila, Manila See that title, Military operations, Railway Manila to San Fernando, Photography incidents, Pigs Chinese sacred, Pina fabric, Pirates Macao, Plague Hongkong, Plays Manila theatres, Poi Hawaiian food, Preparation, Waukika luncheon, Police Hongkong, Polishing Floors Manila method, Population Hawaiian Islands, Ports Eastern Hawaii, Praya Grande Macao, Praya Reclamation Hongkong, Princess Kaiulani of Hawaii, Promenade the Manila Luneta, Provincial Mint Canton, Puna, Coffee plantation, Journey to, Rain, Vegetation, Punchbowl Honolulu, Punkas Hongkong, Quarantine on board the Esmeralda, Ah Kee incident, Amusement, Battle nearby, Railway Manila to San Fernando, Rain, Hilo, Puna, On board the Esmeralda, Rainbow Falls Hilo, Reciprocity Treaty between U S and Hawaii in, Restaurants, Canton Chinese flower boats, Manila Cafe de Paris, River Craft Chinese, Sacred Pigs China, San Paulo Macao church, San Roque Manila church, San Sebastian Manila cathedral, Scholarship Chinese, Sentries in Manila, Servants Manila, Shameen Canton’s foreign quarter, Sharks hunting in Pearl Harbor, Ships See Steamships; Warships, Signs in Canton streets, Slaves coolie traffic, Smell of China, Smith Hub U S consul at Canton, Sodawater, Honolulu, Manila, Soldiers, At Baliuag, In Honolulu, In Manila, SpanishAmerican War, Barracks Manila theater, Firing seen from the Esmeralda, Manila Bay battle of, Troops See Soldiers, Spanish Friars in Manila, Star Spangled Banner, Steamships, Canton river boats, Empress of China, Esmeralda, Moana, Warships, Steerage Passengers Chinese, Disembarkation at Hongkong, River steamer from Macao, Stephens J L death of daughter, Streetcars, Hongkong, Manila, Sugarcane, Surfriding Waikiki, Tabu Hawaiian definition, Tael standard of value in China, Taro Hawaiian food, Taxation Hawaiian taxnotice, Temples Chinese ancestral, Theaters Manila, Barracks, Performances, Tiffin, Time measurement in China, Tramways, Hongkong, Manila, Trees Hawaiian, Troops American, In Honolulu, In the Philippines, Trovatore performance in Manila, Vehicles, Calesa, Jinrikishas, Victoria city of Hongkong, Victoria Hotel Canton, Volcano House Kilauea, Volcanoes Hawaiian, Kilauea, Mauna Kea, Mauna Loa, Waikiki, Bathing American troops, Poi luncheon, Surfriding, Taro, Walls Manila, Warships United States, Waterfalls Hilo, Water Clock Chinese, Wildman Rounsevelle U S consulgeneral at Hongkong, Women, Chinese, Hawaiian costume, Yeh Viceroy at Canton.



Author’s Biography

Elias Burton Holmes was born in January, 1870, in Chicago. In 1883 he became interested in photography, devoting much time to picture-making in the course of his earlier travels in the United States, Cuba, and Mexico. In 1886 he made his first European tour. In 1890 a second and longer tour of England and the Continent gave him the material for his first lecture, “Through Europe with a Camera,” which he presented, as an amateur, before the members of the Chicago Camera Club. In 1893 he made his first professional appearance, presenting “Japan—The Country,” and “Japan—The Cities,” at the Recital Hall of the Auditorium, Chicago, then introducing illustrations all in color for the first time in connection with travel lectures.

During the five following years the Burton Holmes lectures won increasing recognition in the cities of the Middle West. In 1897-98 Mr. Holmes established courses in the larger Eastern cities, then introducing Motion Pictures for the first time. In 1904 he appeared in England, lecturing on American scenic subjects at Queen’s Hall, in London. He is credited for coining the word “Travelogues” to describe his entertainments. He appeared annually in New York, Brooklyn, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Milwaukee, Saint Louis, and San Francisco, giving from ten to twenty performances in each city, presenting five new subjects every season.

Paris, Peking, Dehli, Dubrovnik, Moscow, Manila, Jakarta, Jerusalem: Burton Holmes was there. He visited every continent and nearly every country on the planet, shooting over 30,000 photographs and nearly 500,000 feet of film.





















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