BOOK: The Philippine Islands and Japan By G. Waldo Browne (1901)

Illustrated with Photogravure, Colored Plates, Engravings and Maps

Richly illustrated with 166 RARE vintage photographs and illustrations from the early 1900′s ! You will take a journey with the author G. Waldo Browne and view many historical, cultural, and incredible photographs of a time forgotten. Writing about his travels, G. Waldo Browne gave his readers detailed stories and interesting information about the local history, myths, and facts of the countries he visited so that every American could get a glimpse, first hand of the worlds beyond our shores.



The Philippine Islands, By Maj.-Gen. Joseph Wheeler
Japan, By Kogoro Takahira

The Philippines

The Pearls Of The Orient
The People Of The Philippines
The Animal Kingdom
Spanish Discovery And Dominion
Rivalry Of Church And State
Colonial Wars
Resources And Commerce
Most Noted Towns
Struggles For Liberty
America In The Orient


The Land Of The Gods
The Gateway Of The Orient
First Glimpses
The Imperial Roads
The Modern Capital
Customs And Costumes
City And Country


Full Page Engravings

Courtyard To Chinese Temple
Suspension Bridge Connecting Old And New Manila
Water Front At Manila
Native Milk Peddlers In The Suburbs Of Manila
Santa Cruz Plaza, Manila
Native Theatre, Taguig
General Otis And Staff At The Governor’s Palace, Manila
Rainy Season In The Eremita District
Hawaiian Flowers, Coloured
Principal Gateway, Old Manila
Hawaiian Flowers. Coloured
Manila Fire Department
Group Of Insurgents, Taken Prisoners
Cigar Factory, Manila
A Company Of Insurgents
Graves Of The Astor Battery
Headquarters, Pasig
Hawaiian Flowers. Coloured
Three Little Maids. Coloured
Fujiyama From Maeda Village, Tokaido
Peony Garden, Kanazawa
The Beautiful Iris
Bluff Garden, Yokohai
Walking Costume Coloured
Tea-House Garden, Oji, Tokio
A Typical Japanese Lady
Planting Rice
Kirifuri Cascade, Nikko


Coloured Maps

The Philippines

The Philippines

Landscape On East Side Of Mindanao
Mail Station On Bay Of Ulugan
Volcano Of Apo
Volcano Of Mayon, Luzon
Looking Up Pasig River At Pretil Just Above Manila
Native Village, Island Of Negros
Bamboo Bridge, Iloilo
Construction Of A Philippino House
Bamboo Yard
Native Houses
Village On Mindanao
General View Of Iloilo
Manila Street, Rainy Season
Manila Street, Rainy Season
Types Of Malays
Native Warrior From Interior Of Mindanao
Philippino Fruit Girl
A Wealthy Half-Caste Philippino Lady
Sulu Prau
Sultan Of Sulu Interviewing
European Visitors
Mohammed, Sultan Of Sulu
Igorrote Pipes
Carabaos Transporting Army Stores
Village On The Island Of Guimaras
Street-Cars In Manila
Young Wild Goat
Calao Bird
Village On Mindanao
River Scene On Mindanao
Mindanao Warrior
Merchant Vessels, Pasig River
Mouth Of River Coihulo, Palawan
Village Of Bahele, Palawan
Oldest Church In Manila
Arsenal At Puerto Princessa, Palawan
Drawbridge And Gate Of Old City
Old Cannon On Sea-Wall At Manila
River Scene Near Iloilo
Spanish Priest
Ancient Gate At Manila
A Tagalo Bungalow In Luzon
Philippino Girl
Church And Square At Malolos
Old Stone Bridge Near Manila
Manila Street, Rainy Season
Manila Street, Rainy Season
The Native Market At Manila
On The Wall Of The Old City Of Manila
Native Boats On Pasig Above Bridge Of Spain
Rita Island, Bay Of Ulugan
Cavite Arsenal And Shipyard
Bathing Place At Manila
A Tagalo Family Out For A Drive In A Caretela
Travel In Rainy Season
Volcano Of Apo
Scene In Bulacan
Plantation On Mindanao
Scene At Puerto Princessa, Palawan
Cigar Dealer
Street In Old Manila
Train On Manila And Dagupin Railway
Manila And Dagupin Railway Station
Governor’s Palace, Manila
Village In The Suburbs Of Manila
Street In Business Section Of Manila
Fountain On Promenade San Miguel, Manila
Cavite Arsenal
Social Entertainment Under Spanish Regime
Village Of Olas Pinas, On Outskirts Of Manila
Dagaupan, Rio Horno
Sulu Woman
A Native Of Malabon And His Family
Emilio Aguinaldo, Leader Of Insurrection Of 1899
Cannon Used By Insurgents In 1899
Mountain Cataract
Sentry Post On The Luneta Road
Scene In Suburbs Of Manila
Aguinaldo’s Family And Relatives
Admiral George Dewey
U. S. S. Olympia
U. S. S. Baltimore
The Battle Of Manila Bay
Major-General Wesley Merritt
Group Of Officers, Leaders Of Insurrection, 1899
General Augusti
Islets Of Calamianes Group, Between Mindoro And Palawan
General Otis
F. Agoncillo, Envoy Of Insurgents
Plaza Alfonso XII., Iloilo
Mountain Inn, Luzon
Exterior Of Insurgents Capitol At Malolos, 1899
Mushroom Islands
Waterfall And Rapids On Taygula River, Mindanao

Scenery Among The Pine Islands
A Farmer
Yokohama Harbour
A Junk
Street On Water-Front, Yokohama
Lotus Lake, Myeno
Double Bridge In Imperial Garden
Street Scene, Yokohama
Box Shop
Suburban Tea-Houses
A Vegetable Dealer
Lake Vistain Gentleman’s Garden
A Masseur
Gentleman’s Suburban Villa, Bancho
The Gateway
In An Old Garden Of Tokyo
Wistaria Bush
The “Garden Of The Lake,” Kyoto
A Trimmed Japanese Pine-Tree
Rockery And Cascade, Fukiage Garden
Examples Of Quaint Architecture
Stone Lantern Marking Approach To A Shrine
Cherry Bank, Tokyo
Water Mill, Colenba
Chrysanthemum Seller
Ladies’ Costumes
The Combat With Swords
A Hair-Dresser
Macaroni And Tea
Ladies At Dinner
Scene In Nikko
Planting Rice
Vegetable Seller
Evergreens And Water-Weeds
Autumn Foliage At Taki-No-Kwawa





















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