Filipino American Museum of Culture & History Presents – THE INOSANTO STORY. JUNE 1, 2013. Los Angeles

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Filipino American Museum of Culture & History Presents -


JUNE 1, 2013. Los Angeles

FMA Enthusiasts!

Here’s a fund-raising event that not only showcases our pride in Filipino culture and history but also helps to build handicap access for the Filipino Disciples Christian Church.

Dress:  Business casual

R.S.V.P. by phone or email A.S.A.P followed up by payment.  Last year they had to turn people away because there wasn’t enough room or food for them.  The absolute latest they can receive payment and an R.S.V.P. is May 22nd.  If anyone is interested in putting together a display table for their FMA, etc. they can contact Lorna (see below for contact info).

To R.S.V.P., call or email:

Lorna Dumapias

(213) 379-6456

Checks or money orders should be made payable to:

Filipino American Museum of Culture & History

And checks / money orders can be sent to:

Lorna Dumaplas

P.O. Box 71372, Los Angeles, CA. 90071

Here’s more info about the event:

Other highlights of this special event:

Guru Dan mentions a historical footnote in his promotion of traditional Filipino

martial arts – kali and escrima:  that the art was mainly perpetuated through

dance — while plotting a revolution against 300 years rule by Spain. A traditional

Filipino folk-dance will be performed during the Filipino meal–you will recognize

some of the foot, hand and arm movements!

Demonstration of kali and escrima will follow the folk-dance on stage.

Our social hall  has a permanent History Photo Gallery which features Guru

Dan’s mother and father, as well as Guru Dan. (Guru Dan taught Sunday

School to our church’s college-age group in the 1960′s which is his affiliation

with our church–to date, the only Historic-Cultural monument/landmark of

Filipino- American origin proclaimed by the City of Los Angeles.

In addition, a special photo exhibit about the Inosanto family will be on display.

There will also be a table displaying information/activities about the Inosanto

Academy and Guru Dan’s coming seminars, etc, as well as about the schedule

of classes, activities and coming seminars, etc. of Diana Lee Inosanto and

Ron Balicki.

Because both Guru Dan and his daughter Diana Lee, have always been

supportive of preserving and promoting traditional Filipino martial arts as well

as other disciplines such as JKD, etc. we invite the martial arts community

to participate.  We offer the following:

Your group’s tax-deductible donation of five tickets at $20 each (could be aggregate

of individual check or money order payments) = leader’s name with group/studio name

listed on printed program as a “Friend of the Museum”.  Reservations/payment(s)

may be sent payable to the Filipino American Museum of Culture & History and

mail to Lorna Dumapias, P.O. Box 71372, Los Angeles, CA. 90071.

Ten tickets = listing on printed program and on press releases slated for distribution

May 15, and inclusion in a display table(s) promoting martial arts community, where

you can promote your specific programs/studio.  (We reserve the right to select

final display — no weapons or inappropriate content allowed.  No actual selling.)

Our book titled “Filipino-American Experience: the Making of a Historic-Cultural

Monument”, a coffee table publication in glossy, landscape style format which

includes the Inosanto Story written by Guru Dan’s niece, Dr. Celeste Howe,

be will be offered at a discount to the martial arts community, seniors and students

with school ID.

Because we  must know actual number of attendees as soon as possible

for seating arrangements due to limited room capacity as well as to help us

confirm our order with the restaurant catering the meal, we would appreciate

your prompt response.

Thanks for your participation!  We hope to see you soon!


Lorna Dumapias, Volunteer Curator/Director

Filipino American Museum of Culture & History

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