Guro Dino Flores DVD Release and Magazine article for Budo International, November 2011

Guro Dino Flores DVD Release and Magazine article for Budo International, November 2011

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Guro Dino Flores DVD Release and Magazine  article for Budo International, November 2011




Excerpt from the DVD backcover:

Punong Guro Edgar Sulite was one of the great revolutionaries in Philippine Martial Arts history. There were two types of students that learnt under him, those who took classes under him periodically and those whom he selected and prepared personally for becoming fighters in private training sessions in the backyard of his home, these students belonged to the Sulite Orihinal Group. Dino Flores belongs to this second elite group of specially trained fighters in Lameco and shines with his own light as one of the top selected fighters of the Lameco Eskrima backyard group. In this work he introduces and shows us a series of exercises which Punong Guro Sulite emphasized greatly upon and that develop correct distancing in a real combat situation. This dvd will help you refine the combative motions, enable you to increase the intensity within a drill, as well as show you how to use equipment correctly and help you overcome a well protected opponent. You will learn how to avoid being hit and grabbed. These exercises practiced under real contact and tension will allow you to react against the most common attacks in real time and in an effective way. The most important thing is to hit well, to have good footwork and mainly to have a great foundation.


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About Budo International Magazine

Budo International is the only martial arts magazine published in seven different languages (English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, and Croatian) and sold worldwide. Budo Magazine is undisputedly the largest specialized magazine in over 60 countries. They are the foremost martial arts publication in Europe, South America, Central America and Australia, as well as having editions in Greece and Czechoslovakia.Their monthly publication brings exciting and exotic masters and material that is truly universal. Budo also covers all types of events, from tournaments to movies and the magazine brings a gust of fresh air mixed with European quality to the American culture. Click on the magazine image below to read English issues of Budo.



Backyard Lameco DVD clip produced by Budo International

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