Kapisanang Mandirigma and other Eskrima Groups to perform at the 22nd Festival of Philippine Arts and Culture, 2013 in Los Angeles



Kapisanang Mandirigma and other Eskrima Groups to perform at the

22nd Festival of Philippine Arts and Culture, 2013 in Los Angeles





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fpac poll eskrima kali arnis 22nd Festival of Philippine Arts and Culture, 2013 in Los Angeles



The iconic festival and annual celebration returns, now in its 22nd year! FilAm ARTS invites you to join us Sep.7-8 at Pt Fermin Park for the largest and longest-running community tradition in Southern California — the only event where you can see over 500 artists & performers from all over the world entertain you and 25,000 of your closest friends & family!

Advance tickets are available at http://fpac22.eventbrite.com/

Whether it’s your first time or 22nd, it’s always a party at FPAC. Bring everyone you can to the Filipino party of the year!

FPAC is produced by FilAm ARTS – the Association for the Advancement of Filipino American Arts & Culture, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, and sponsored by the City of Los Angeles, LA County Arts Commission, California Arts Council, National Endowment for the Arts, California Community Foundation, Toyota, The Getty Foundation, LA-18, Mavshack, The Asian Journal, Weekend Balita, BakitWhy.com, Oishi Media, The James Irvine Foundation, and LEAP, Inc.


Martial Artists

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Nick Papadakis

Kombat Instruments Ltd.

Nick “Pappy” Papadakis has 30 years experience in the martial arts with over 100 fights in the Dog Brothers Gathering of the Pack.

Instructor Pekiti Tirsia Kali, Full Instructor Dog Brothers Martial Arts, Blue Belt BJJ, 2nd degree black belt North American Self Defense Institute

Kombat Instruments Ltd. is a company created to serve the needs of combat martial artists by providing durable gear for full-contact stick fighting and weapon matches.

For more information on Nick or Kombat Instruments Ltd visit www.bloodsport.com




Master Joe Tan

Modern Tapado

Joe feels very lucky and privileged to have trained personally and forged friendship with the original founders of these three Arnis groups that have made their own unique contributions in the propagation of Stick fighting as an Art. He has lot to share with the world.

Tapado is an Original Filipino Martial Art which came from a Hiligaynon ( a Filipino dialect) word ‘Tapat’ or ‘Tapos’ which means – finished or done in english.or to finish the job in one strike.

For more information visit www.mastertapadoarnis.com


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 Willie Laureano

FMA Instructor

Guro Willie Laureano is a Kali, Silat, and Kickboxing instructor at Elite Training Center.  Willie says, “I am proud to be associated with Elite Training Center where I offer the best in all aspects of the Martial way including physical training respect and confidence.” Willie has lots of Martial Arts training and teaching experience. He has even trained and taught under Guro Dan Inosanto. He has also trained and taught alongside many notable instructors from around the world.

Elite Training Center is a martial arts school focusing on self-defense and fitness. Teaching confidence while respecting others, they are founded on the four principals of Respect, Honor, Discipline, and Strength. Techniques include LOTAR®(Close Quarter Battle techniques) and Krav Maga (intuitive self-defense independent of strength or size), Muay Thai kickboxing, Adult Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) as sport, Youth MMA that emphasizes our founding principles, and Kali/Silat/Eskrima (Filipino open hand and stick fighting).

For more information visit www.elitetrainingcenter.net


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Dino Flores

The Kapisanang Mandirigma Eskrima Training Institute

Guro Dino has taught numerous seminars and classes over the years. He has appeared on Television, Instructional Videos, Independent Film and Radio Shows promoting the arts. He has contributed to magazine article for publications such as “Masters”, “Blitz” and “FMA Digest. Guro Dino has also contributed to book publications including “Masters of the Blade” and “Warrior Arts of the Philippines”. He is currently working on several book and video projects for various masters.

Guro Dino has conducted numerous seminars, lectures and demonstrations. Including conferences at UCLA, Cal State Fullerton, University of California Irvine, Loyola Marymount University, Glendale College, Cherry Blossom Festival, Lotus Festival, Philippie Tourism Expo, Sports Expo in Manila, Balintawak Cuentada Gathering Las Vegas and The Festival of Philippine Arts & Culture to name a few. Guro Dino was one of the first instructors invited to the World Filipino Martial Arts Association EXPO in Seattle, Washinton in 1993. One of his proudest moments was to be one of two cultural groups (the othe one being traditional dance) to perform in the world famous Los Angeles City Hall during the televised dedication of the the very first official “Filipinotown” in the USA. Other activities include Guro Dino being fight coordinator for the original performance of the first Filipino Opera “Karim at Jasmin” and the Filipino stage Musical “Abadeha”.

The Kapisanang Mandirigma Institute is the Warrior Arts Training Department of Kapisanang Mandirigma.The Kapisanang Mandirigma Institute is dedicated to honoring and preserving the knowledge passed on to them though their honorable lineage. The Kapisanang Mandirigma Instiute is also known as Backyard Eskrima.

For more info visit www.backyardeskrima.com




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