Filipino Martial Arts – Knife Defense Seminar – Fundraiser for Typhoon Relief Assistance in the Philippines, Hollywood, Florida, USA. Nov 30th, 2013

Filipino Martial Arts - Special Knife Defense Seminar Fundraiser for the Philippines, Hollywood, Florida USA. Nov 30th, 2013

Please join us for this full day seminar where you will get a chance to explore the topic of KNIFE DEFENSE from 3 different perspectives: GARIMOT ARNIS, CSSD/SC and Russian Martial Art SYSTEMA. Presenters: Gat Puno Abundio Baet (Chief Instructor “GAT” Garimot Arnis Training), GM Bram Frank (Chief Instructor Common Sense Self Defense Street Combat) and Joe Gehr (Chief Instructor of Systema Miami and Technon Tactical). All proceeds for this event will go to benefit the people of the Philippines via direct contact of Gat Puno Abon on the field. Min. suggested donation for this event $100. All donations are welcome. Give what you can but join us and show your support. More information will be posted here soon. SAVE THE DATE and SPREAD THE WORD.

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