Filipino Martial Arts Fund Raising Event in favour of the Philippines Typhoon Victims, Brussels, Belgium. December 15th, 2013.

South East Asian Martial Arts Martial Arts Research Systems Belgium - Fund Raising Event in favour of the Philippines Typhoon Victims, Brussels, Belgium. December 15th, 2013.


Fund Raising Event



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We are all doing Filipino Martial Arts and thus are directly connected to the Filippins.

I am setting up an event to support the victime of the Hayian Typhon that causes huge damage in the Filipins recently.

I would ask all of my Martial Arts friends to relay the information of the event.

The goal of the event is to raise a maximum of funds,

During the event your will have the opportunity to train Filipino Martial arts technique and see some demontration.
The event is open to all, practicioner as non martial arts practicioner.

To be able to join this event, it will be requested that the particpants to give a donation of 15€ minimum directly to the NGO “Action Against Hunger” & “Philippine Red Cross” or any other NGO actively involved in helping the Filipinos victimes.

The reason we have choosen “Action Against Hunger” & “Philippine Red Cross” as main NGO, we know from friends who are currently linving in the Philipines that those NGO’s are active all the year long doing concret actions.
All donations given to any other NGO’s are of course welcome.
Minimum participation is fixed at 15€
To register send your details and a copy of the proove of payment at

The proof of payement will be the ticket entrance.

Minimum participation is fixed at 15€ for a 3hours event.

Web Site :
Philippine Red Cross:
Action Against Hunger:

Many thanks for your involvment

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