Rest In Peace Guro Alejandro Garduno Hernandez of Lameco Eskrima Mexico/Combat Academy. 1970 to 2017.



An announcement from Guro Dave Gould:

I wanted to announce to everyone on the Group some sad news; One of my most trusted and loyal Lameco Eskrima students from Mexico has just passed. Most of you know him and have befriended him on Face Book, Alejandro “Alex” Garduno from Morelos.

On September 12, 2016 after test results came back, Alex was diagnosed with a blood disease called: “Hemoconcentration” which is associated with a life time of untreated High Blood Pressure, which resulted in an enlarged heart, the same thing that happened to PG Sulite which lead to his suffering a stroke 20 years ago from two day ago. Alex died from the stroke that he was felled by.

Alex first began training with me back in 2000 when I was flown into teach a Lameco Eskrima seminar in Mexico City. He went on to become my student and trained with me as he would bring me to Mexico for Seminars over the years. He ranked under me as an Apprentice Instructor in the Lameco Eskrima system. He also later brought in brother Roger Agbulos and Dino Flores to do Seminars there in Mexico, as well he hosted the Sulite Orehenal Group in Mexico City in 2014 where Bong Hebia, Bud Balani Jr., Dino Flores, and I conducted a Lameco Eskrima Camp there for three days. He will be missed…

Rest in peace brother  :(


From Guro Dino Flores:

Rest well Alex…

Rest In Peace my good friend. One of the kindest gentlemen I have ever met. Not only was Alex one of the primary heads of Lameco Eskrima in Mexico, he was also our representative for Kali Ilustrisimo in Mexico. Love and prayers to Leti and all the immediate and huge extended family. You will be dearly missed.



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