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Lameco Sulite Orihinal Group

Sulite Orihinal Group is comprised of dedicated
Lameco Eskrima International practitioners who were
handpicked by Punong Guro himself to be a part of his
regular “backyard” training sessions. Many loyal Lameco
practitioners have trained in the “backyard”, yet there was
and always will be a distinction between “Invitation Only”
and “Open Invitation” students. The open invitation students
were the selected few individuals who attended the rigorous,
3 days a week, 4-hour sessions and were frequently shown
numerous techniques not shared with the general public. An important factor among the
core members was that they held no administrative ties to other Filipino Martial Arts
styles and systems. One of the primary reasons Punong Guro created the elite group was
to create a first generation of practitioners that owed allegiance, first and foremost, to
Lameco Eskrima.

Because the sessions were conducted at his personal residence, Punong Guro was
extremely selective about whom he allowed to participate. Punong Guro often mentioned
that although many individuals were eager to train, very few actually allowed themselves
to be trained.
It is not a system, for it already exists, but a fraternity of dedicated practitioners
with a common bond. One factor that is prevalent among the original core members is
that they initially joined Lameco Eskrima International for reasons of pride, culture and
The primary aim of the group is to keep the art of Lameco Eskrima alive through
continued training in a combat realistic, non-commercial and non-political environment.
Passion for the art was, and always will be, the prime motivator. As a sign of respect so
that Punong Guro’s name shall always be remembered for many generations to come, the
core members named themselves “Sulite Orihinal Group.”
Sulite Orihinal Group considers their inherited knowledge more precious beyond
any material compensation, just as much as the blood, sweat and tears that were spilled
by our forefathers in order to obtain it, so we strive to be worthy of the generations of
warriors before us. The desire of the brotherhood is to continue traveling upon the same
path, which Punong Guro Edgar G. Sulite had started them on. They wish to keep his
legacy, and the heritage, alive and pure and pursue it with a mind, body and sprit that is
nothing short of being honorable.
Sulite Orihinal Group will continue to uphold this tradition in order to maintain
the spirit of brotherhood and unity amongst its members.

Lameco Sulite Orihinal Group circa 1992 -1997

Lameco Sulite Orihinal Group circa 1992 -1997

Lowell Pueblos, Eric Koh, Ron Balicki

Mar Elepano, Hospecio “Bud” Balani, jr., Rem V. Cruz, Dino Flores, Arnold Noche,

Hans Anton Tan, Pelix Balencia, Dave Gould, Steve Grody 
Elmer “Bong” Hebia,

Roger Agbulos, Jason Ancheta
Marc F. Denny, Steve Tarani, Phil Rapagna
, Choy Flores,

Gary Quan Joel ‘”Jay” Adriatico,
Bryant Emerson, Sung Han Kim, Rodney Wilson,

Pantaleon ” Mang Leo” Revilles, jr. ( R.I.P. )

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